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Ultrasound has been purchased to help with the breeding process!!

We have picked up some new species of Corn snakes

We have alot of eggs in the incubator and hatching.  June 2nd, 2013

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Rodent Racks

DIY – Rodent rack - When building this rack I again leaned heavily on the design found on Bailey’s website (www.baileyreptiles.com/rodentracks.html).  I modified it slightly and added a few features I preferred better such as the watering system.  I also highly recommend not using the black concrete tubs found at Lowe’s.  The edges are too thin and will bend/break very easily when used for a while.  So far the tubs at Home Depot work best, however I do have an issue with the tubs found at Home Depot.  There is a hole in the top front lip placed there for the manufacturing process.  Seems innocent enough, but rats WILL find it and start chewing on it immediately.  We fixed this by placing a small piece of rolled up hardware cloth under the lip and the rats left the hole alone. 

**Note: We are currently exchanging our tubs to use the ARS rat grow out tubs.  The ARS tubs seem to work perfectly.  The cost is a little more up front, but is well worth the security and longevity of the tubs themselves.

DIY- Rodent Rack(Grow Out)- When building the grow out rack I used a couple of different approaches.  I liked the design of the breeding rack from the plans found on Bailey’s and after seeing Justin Kobylka’s growout rack I combined the two using the features I liked best from the two designs.  After visiting Justin’s facility, I liked the way he had built his rack.  Although wider, it used a lot less space overall and had a really good function to it.  The bailey rack with its feeding system and watering system is really nice.  I basically took the bailey design and then turned it length ways and made it two tubs wide and seven tubs tall.  Please see pics for images.  I will upload plans later.

DIY- Rodent Rack(birthing rack)-This rack design I borrowed from Clay Davenport’s website.  Easy to use rack and works really well.  I used catlitter pans from Big Lots and Petsmart.


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